God Aker

God Aker Aker  One of the early lion gods in Egyptian  mythology, Aker, the god of land, is represented by  two lions seated back to back or two lions supporting  the symbol for the horizon with the sun rising.

The  two lions symbolize the sun setting in the west and  the sun rising in the east. Because of this, Aker is  viewed as an ally of Re, when Re makes his nightly  journey through the Underworld. Aker is mentioned  in the Pyramid Texts as the earth god who guards  the gates to the Underworld. In the Book of the  Dead, he is shown in the solar boat accompanying  Re during his nightly journey.

 In the Fifth Hour,  the Amduat, which helped the deceased make the  journey through the Underworld, Aker appears as the two-headed lion god carrying sand upon his back.  In The Book of Caverns, another religious text, the  sun god Re travels across Aker as he continues his  journey through the caverns.


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